Fuel System and carburetor cleaning

Includes removal and thorough cleaning of the carburetor , draining fuel tank and fuel lines. This procedure is needed when you have contaminated gas or gummed up carburetor. After this you need to replace/clean your gas container and buy fresh, clean gas.

  • Tractor, Single cylinder ... $160

  • Tractor, Twin cylinder ...$185

  • Walk-Behind lawn mower, 1 blade ...$90

  • Commercial walk-behind, single cylinder ... $160

  • Commercial walk-behind, twin cylinder ... $185

  • Snow blower ... $125

  • Generator ...$120

  • Power washer ... $95


​Starter rope replacement

Includes the rope but not a handle, if needed. Please note that if this repair is done with no other service, a minimum fee (see below) will apply.
Up to 10 hp ... $45* 
10-20 hp ...$55*
*Minimum charge applies if no other work is done

Insert inner tube in tire

Any wheel up to 20", snow blower, lawn tractors … $35 + tube
*Minimum charge applies if no other work is done


Belt replacement

Tractor’s blade belt …Minimum charge - $120 + belt
Tractor’s traction belt … $130-160 + belt
Snow blower’s auger belt …Minimum charge (Most)+belt
Snow blower’s traction belt …Minimum charge (Most)+belt
Walk behind mower’s belt …Minimum charge+belt

Repairs (Most common)

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