Tune up is a routine procedure designed to maximize equipment’s performance, durability and dependability as well as your safety and the well-being of your lawn. The tune up is not a repair! If You're already experiencing problems with your equipment, then it needs a repair and routine maintenance is not likely to solve the provlem. It goes without saying that a machine can be tuned up at the same time when a repair is done.
An annual tune up is recommended by most manufacturers.
Although a tune up doesn't guarantee trouble-free operation in the future (just like having a physical doesn't guarantee illness-free year), it is your best shot. In addition, it's the best way to minimize costly repairs that are likely to need costly parts, as issues that may cause future problems can be detected during tune up inspection and measures can be taken to prevent them from occurring.

A tune up entitles you for priority in scheduling any future service calls, if needed, for this machine, until the end of the season for snowblowers and mowers and for 6 months for generators.

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In many cases, a repair cost can only be estimated after a thorough inspection. However, many repairs are common and represent a big portion of our service calls. For those we have pre-established rates.
In many cases, a significant discount applies if the repair is done together with a tune up.
. For each job which has no pre-established rate, you will be given an estimate/quote before the work starts. If parts need to be ordered, we'll email you an estimate for approval after inspecting the equipment and looking up the parts.

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